Service Management

  • Auto Email of Escalated Calls to Management on system start-up
  • Auto Alert Report of Overdue Preventive Maintenance Visits on system start-up
  • Auto Email to your Service Manager and Customers on Calls being logged
  • Auto Email to your Engineers on Call Allocation
  • Auto Email to your Service Manager and Customer on Call Closure
  • Manage Customers Database
  • Manage Sold Products Database
  • Your Company's entire Installations Database
  • Excellent tracking via Serial Number of the Products
  • Warranties & AMC with end dates
  • Early warnings of End dates of Expiring Warranties & AMCs
  • Conversion of Expired Warranties & AMCs to Comprehensive or Non-comprehensive AMC
  • Automated Preventive Maintenance Schedules
  • Capture Preventive Maintenance Visits
  • Early warning of Calls from Customers having products with Expired AMCs & Warranties
  • Calls Allocation
  • Service History
  • Escalation of Calls based on standard company policy
  • Store Scanned Service Reports (Document Management)
  • There are numerous Reports & Enquiries - some of which are listed below.
  • Calls Received Register
  • Installations List
  • Service History
  • Engineers Travel Time Analysis
  • Income from Services
  • Pending Service Requests
  • Completed Calls History
  • List of Pending Calls
  • List of Pending Preventive Maintenance Calls
  • List of Warranties expiring by a given date
  • List of AMC expiring by a given date
  • Retrieve scanned Service Reports
  • Customer Support Statistics
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