Approach & Methodolgy

Deployment methodology

The deployment cycle followed at ACG Infotech Limited conforms to the standards set for SDLC. We follow strict quality control measures for the services delivered. We follow phased development:

Phase I RA: (Client's Documentation)

Requirement analysis is carried out to an extent before and primarily after the project commitment. The client interacts with the Business Analyst. The objectives of the phase:

Phase II HLD: (Internal Documentation)

The system architecture of the solution is mapped with Client’s requirements; the high-level design document divides the solution in to well balance modules. Design tools are used to develop technical diagrams of modules and the project moves into the solution domain. The issues of coupling and cohesion among the modules are kept in mind for processing load balance and all round application performance.
Deliverable: The phase produces the HLD document.

Phase III LLD: (Internal Documentation)

The phase produces low-level design of the modules and creates the skeletal code for the application. Again tools for design are used to create a well-balanced module with well-divided processing loads. Also the maintainability of the code with proper documentation and comments is kept in mind.
Deliverable: The phase produces the LLD document.

Phase IV Production: (Customization Process)

The team starts to develop the required code in the modules. Each function is tested before its implementation in the modules. And each module is tested before integration.
Deliverable: the final beta application.

Phase V testing:

System testing is carried out by the use of testing tools.
Load and stress test are carried out.
Deliverable: Reports of the test

Phase VI Pilot run:

The application is run under simulated real world conditions for a stipulated time.
Deliverable: shippable product

Phase VII Documentation:

Design and development of user and administrator manuals
Deliverables: Manuals

Phase VIII Support and maintenance:

As per the agreed terms and conditions