We are describing here a list of CRM FAQs, i.e., (frequently asked questions) often researched by most of the people about CRM software systems. Further, if you don't find your answers here, then you can also contact us for more queries.

What is CRM?

CRM referred as Customer Relationship Management is the term that was first coined in the 1990's. In previous years, the original meaning of customer relationship management was to simply manage the business links with the customers. But, in this modern era, the term is widely used to describe IT solutions associated to manage your entire customer relationships.

In short and simple terms, CRM can be described as an enterprise management system that covers a broad set of small applications used to assist businesses in managing customer interactions, client data, automate sales and provide customer support whenever required. CRM software provides a modern and new way to work, so that processes of a business can be efficiently managed. To be very clear, companies using CRM solutions will definitely enjoy an increase in productivity and reduction in overall costs incurred in system development, marketing, sales and customer support activities.

What makes the MX-CRM unique and different from others?

Earlier, we have discussed about the basic role of CRM software. Here, we want to tell you that a CRM system is not just a normal management system. It is like a heart and soul of the organization, as it helps users in managing all the customers and sales related data.

Further, our CRM software facilitates us in many ways, due to which, we always stand out of the competition, they are as follows:

How many types of hosting do we provide with our CRM software solutions?

At our end, you will have the options of cloud or on-premise software hosting. You can choose anyone of them to deploy at your end. Further, if required, you can switch from the current hosting type and replace with the other one that suited the most for your business.
To make the users more informed, we are describing each of the hosting types in detail:

On-Premise CRM Hosting:

On-Cloud CRM Hosting:

How do I recognize that the company is really offering an actual CRM solution?

At present, most of the vendors have created a hype that they are offering the best and reliable CRM software, but, in fact, they are lying to the customers. Most of the software development companies integrate both an ERP and CRM software in a single system, so that a user can take advantage of managing customer relations with process management. Generally, CRM software majorly has three integrated modules, i.e., marketing, sales force automation and customer support. So, if you find that the vendors are offering you the system with these three modules, it means they are likely a genuine CRM software provider.

How long will it take to perfectly implement the MX-CRM in an enterprise?

Commonly, there is no such defined time for it, as it completely depends on your own business requirements and processes. Further, software implementation is also subjected to the approach you have selected for your business. Basically, a short and the small enterprise CRM software could range from a quick start which take a few days. Whereas, a long and complex CRM implementation could take several weeks or months to fit into the existing business environment.

How does MX-CRM helps to control and manage the sales process of an organization?

MX-CRM provides to the entire sales team a better way to streamline their marketing activities. It provides proper support for them at every phase from generating leads to make orders. In our CRM system, users will find out a guided workflow, which is personalized to fit each of the sales process.

Keeping in mind the concerns of sales executives, we also develop mobile responsive versions of CRM software, due to that they can easily access the progress of all the leads, sales opportunity. Through these systems, users and marketing agents can understand the needs of the clients and also come to know that what actions needs to take to satisfy the placed customers' needs.

How much the MX-CRM gain popularity across the market?

Since establishment, all the ACG Infotech's software products are repeatedly demanded and admired by different entrepreneurs. Besides, numerous management systems, ACGIL's MX-CRM is also constantly identified by various industry verticals as a leading and ideal customer contact management system. Our dedicated and skilled development team keeps innovating and modifying the software in order to provide a competitive strength to the users and entrepreneurs.

Does the MX-CRM has E-mail marketing feature?

Today, content marketing and business campaign has become the most important part of the business. MX-CRM has functions for advanced contact management, campaign creation and list building, through which they can easily provide e-mail marketing facilities to their respective clients. By having the e-mail marketing services with their CRM software, retailers and other entrepreneurs will grow their client base all over the globe.

We provide to our users a highly beneficial tool that helps in creating and maintaining email marketing reporting services, which is the best medium of growing business in current times. Moreover, the software also has functionalities and features to nurture campaigns, full email campaign and individual contact analysis to make this e-mail marketing more popular and worthy for users.

Except the on-premise and cloud software, do we provide some other types of CRM solutions?

Yes. We also provide online CRM solutions to our respective clients besides various other server based or on-premise software. Further, if you think from the perspectives of business, you will find the off-line systems really messy at each phase. Handling it manually or by implementing the system at your end might be sometimes proven as non-beneficial for big enterprises suppose to maintain a huge amount of data. Thinking about the challenges and problems of all the industry verticals, we have developed for the existing and the prospect clients a modern and full fledged web based CRM software.

How safe is the business data, if we use a web based CRM system?

Don't worry, your data will be very safe. Since, establishment, we have hosted unlimited business data with safety and security, so that entrepreneurs could not face the problem of data loss. Being a customer oriented firm, we take data security very seriously.
With the use and implementation of web based CRM software, you will be free from managing data on different servers, as the entire business data will be stored over the web. The plus point with this system is you can expand your storage space as and when required just by placing an online request. Further, the stored data is legally yours as you can retrieve or download a copy of it whenever needed.