Lead Management CRM Software

Lead Management is the process of getting potential leads and managing them so that these leads can be converted into customers by making them purchase products. Apart from standard advertisements, there are other processes included mostly with e-commerce stores where individual relationships are created with customers. Providing updated information to the customers is the primary motive of the lead management system. When various marketing organizations are out of order, or leads are not matured properly, customers get incorrect information which will be a huge loss for the company in the future. It always the utmost importance for an ERP company to handle the leads in the manner so that it will be fruitful for the company in the future.

Construction ERP Software includes customer inquiry. It occurs when the customer is interested in the product or services that have been offered to them. Identifying the potential customer and what customer really wants helps in making the proper decision for the organization. Online ERP software allows segregating the inquiries once they have been identified, once they get hold of a customer they need to verify them for accurate information.

ERP for construction helps the company to get loyal customers and filters out the rest. Qualified leads are given to the sales department so that the sales executive can convert them into a customer. This is where the sales process gets in and contacts the prospect in order to get a response from them so that they can nurture the lead. Web based ERP software automates the matured leads so that the sales team can follow up without any further delay.