ERP for Solid, Liquid / Hazardous Waste Management

ERP for Waste Management, Waste Management ERP Software

ERP for Multi Locational Waste Management

ACGIL is offering a seamlessly integrated ERP covering Effluent Treatment Plant, Solid Waste Disposal, Analytical Laboratory and back office operation for central monitoring. This is based on latest cloud computing concept and is deployable on cloud server, which can be accessed from anywhere globally by an authorised users only.

We have successfully implemented the robust ERP solution and installed it on cloud server to connect all departments at Wast Management & Effluent Treatment Plant at Vapi, in Gujarat. ERP for waste management has covered the very complicated billing system, sample testing system, plant process waste management, project management system, HR/Payroll, inventory and purchase management, financial accounting, E-Tendering, document management system integrated in one suite and hosted on a cloud server to extend the global access to all users.

Modules at glance

Following modules are being integrated in one application in order to govern an organization, managing a CETP.

  1. Employee Portal

    Meetings, To Do List, TA/DA, Leave Management, Task Assignment, and Task Execution of the employees are being kept tracked.

  2. Customer Relationship Management

    Complete history of clients & vendors is being tracked. Details like basic information, ledger details, letters exchanged, ratings, billing etc. or in short a complete biography can be accessed on click of a mouse for a particular vendor/client.

  3. Billing

    Four types of billings are operated
    1. Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) Billing – Billings of our clients/members are being managed through this module. It manage 3 subtypes of invoices,
      1. Normal
      2. Supplementary
      3. Adhoc.
      This module offers a simple solution for a very complex process.
      Effluent from members’/clients’ industries is being received at an inlet of CETP, which is being treated and discharged at outlet as per prescribed norms of the pollution control board. For this services members/clients are being charged as per following variables.

      1. Normal Billing
        CETP billing is dependent on the consumption data of the members or client, which are available from respective Industrial Development Corporations. A dynamic rate master has been developed (containing the relevant parameters rate charts, basic rate based on based volume awarded, Penalty Master) where on correlation of the data with the member master and consumption sheet generates Normal Billing.

      2. Supplementary & Adhoc Billing
        Being a service industry a monitoring team of the company keeps a close watch on the industries located in the estate, where data are being inputted on daily basis of the sample collected from the industries. Relevant to the visit inputted parameter results of the vists are being inputted. If the parameter inputted exceeds the prescribed limits it generates intimation letter for joint testing. After the finalisation of the result, results are approved by the technical head based upon which the supplementary invoice is being generated based upon the rate slab of the parameter inputted in the master and adhoc penalty invoice is being raised based upon the base volume of the industries.

    2. COE (Analytical testing) Billing
      Analytical Laboratory services are being provided to the industries, Samples are received from the industries which are to be test on different instruments as per their requirement for the prescribed parameters.

      Billing is managed by in warding of the sample, inputting of test results for generating of test certificate and based upon which the invoice is generated. Based upon the data inputted results like instruments wise sample received for testing, instrument wise business, business received from clients are being kept tracked off.

      Also billing for other miscellaneous services for Seminar Center, Video Conferencing and Pilot Plant provided on rent are being managed.

    3. CSWP Billing (Land filling of Haz Solid Waste)
      Solid Waste received from Member Industries are being dumped at CSWP Location. Solid Waste received from Member Industries are being tested for the parameters as per norms of the GPCB, based upon which the waste is rejected or approved. Weighing of the waste received is done based upon which a fixed rate is applied to the waste received on which the billing is done and inventory register prepared.

  4. Purchase & Inventory

    Standard Purchase & Inventory Module which covers from Raising of Indent, Requisition approval, Purchase Order, Material Receipt Note, Issue Slip, Return Slip, Work Indent, Work Order, Work Closing, Stock Register, Stock Summary, Stock Valuation, Vendor rating Stock aging and Payment aging.

  5. CETP Plant Log Sheets

    Effluent and sludge Level in tanks, Tracking of critical parameters at various stage with the help of online instruments Chemical Dosing sludge wasting and sludge management, Shift wise activities performed in the plant related to the process are being managed for all the plant locations and instructions sheets during shift change. Shifting of sludge internally in the plant as well as to CSWP plant are being tracked.

  6. PMS

    Project Monitoring System keeps the track of the status of the projects like current status, material required, daily progress, cost and estimation.

  7. Asset & Engineering

    Complete Track of Asset along with the Depreciation of the Assets as per Income Tax Act and Companies Act is being managed.
    Engineering Sections covers from Maintenance Request, Machine Breakdown Management, Machine Breakdown Testing, Preventive Maintenance etc. Modules keeps the complete tracks of the machines which are in working as wells as status of the machine which are in maintenance and also generation of the preventive maintenance schedule to be performed on the machine.

  8. DMS

    All incoming and outgoing of documents are being managed for all the operating locations. Scan documents are kept attached to the relevant due to which all the required documents belonging to the relevant can be accessed at any time.

  9. Finance

    Complete accounting from normal accounting voucher up to Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and Profit & Loss statement is being managed.

  10. HR & Payroll

    Payroll processing, leave management, Compensatory Off, Advance, Loan, Attendance, Statutory Compliances (PF,ESIC, PT etc..) are being maintained.

  11. QC

    Incoming inspection of the materials.
    Results of the samples collection at various stages at CETP plant, Outlet, Inlet are being managed.
    All the data’s of different stages are being correlated based upon which a daily plant results & graphical representation of the data is being generated and corrective actions planned.

  12. Admin and Security Management

    Reports Added Features Various MIS reports will be available at various levels of authorization. A larger part of business management system will be dependent. MIS will cover many aspects.