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India is emerging as a world level IT hub and the major players of this field are working constantly towards expanding and promoting their market. In order to cope up with the growing needs of demanding global market, you will have to find some ways which could help you in performing tasks faster and in a better way with little spending of money. In such condition, ERP is playing a crucial role in growth of medium and small industries, apart from its contribution to big enterprises. Faridabad is one of the biggest NCR of Delhi regions. With rapid advancement in technology more and more industries are emerging in Faridabad region. Since it has emerged as a leading industrial hub, many organizations are feeling the need of ERP software. ACGIL is offering excellent ERP software solution to the people of Delhi NCR region including Faridabad.

ERP software Faridabad has streamlined the technicality and functionality of software solutions within organizations. If facts and figures have to be believed, ERP market has boomed the Indian market and provides required impetus to the stakeholders. ERP software is a piece of application which can be broken down into separate modules and is generally used for back office functions. Some common modules of ERP comprise purchasing, marketing, order tracking, HR, product planning etc. It collects critical information from different departments to a central database which could be later on shared by every member of organizations. Choose the best option from available range of software solutions.

With ERP software you have to just input data pertaining to vendors, orders and vendors one time and can share it later on easily through different functional areas in a seamless way. Most ERP packages provided by ERP software companies are designed in such a way which suits your SMEs and other business related needs. Some salient features of ERP besides management programs include real time updating and integration. ERP has helped several local businesses in streamlining their activities so that each task could be done properly without compromising client satisfaction. For minimizing the chances of failure, you must choose the ERP software carefully according to the need of your enterprises.

ERP software is available in certain modules as the following
  • Finance module: All financial activities of the organization are recorded by the finance modules. It is used on regular basis by companies for recording transactions.
  • Inventory Management Module: It facilitates gathering of data of inventory department such as delivering goods, classifying materials, rejections by suppliers etc.
  • Manufacturing module: This is related to recording of data of the manufacturing department.
  • Marketing Module: Marketing module is solely responsible for marketing-related tasks.
  • Sales Module: This module is used for recording information related to the department of sales. Data which are recorded within this module are order shipping, sales returns, sales orders, order shipping etc.
  • Purchase Module: Purchase module is related with production planning and inventory control tasks.
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