Inventory & Warehouse

  • Multi Level Item Categorization (Category-Group-Type)
  • Item Database (Raw Materials, Finish Goods, Consumables etc.)
  • Creation of Bar codes
  • Material Allocation (Rack-Bin Wise) in store
  • User Definable Stocks Alerts (Max, Min, Reorder & Critical Levels)
  • Goods Receipt Note (Against PO/Direct Purchase)
  • Verification/Inspection of Material Received
  • Control over Quality Rejection to be Returned to Supplier
  • Issue of Material (As per indent)
  • Issue of Material (As per Bill of Material or Individual)
  • Return of Material (Excess Return)
  • Stocks Adjustment (Physical Verification of Stock)
  • Non Returnable Gate Pass
  • Returnable Gate Pass Outgoing/Incoming
  • Department Rejection Control
  • Inventory tracking with the help of Barcodes & Barcode scanning
  • Goods Receipt Note (Printouts / Pending for Inspection / Pending For Bill / Register)
  • GRN Inspection Sheet (Raw Material procured)
  • Item Shortage From Challan Quantity
  • Issue Register
  • Return Register
  • Return Department Wise
  • Stocks Adjustment Register
  • Non returnable Gate Pass Register
  • Report for non moving items
  • Department Rejection Return Register
  • Stocks Reports (Stocks Statement, Stocks Balance)
  • Stocks Ledger (Consolidated/Quantitative)
  • Rejection Stocks Ledger
  • RGP (Returnable Gate Pass) Register
  • RGP Pending Material
  • Stocks Statement Summary (Category/ Group/ Type Wise)
Module’s Highlights
  • Generation of Bar codes at the time of classification of inventory
  • Complete Inventory tracking with the help of Barcodes & Barcode scanning at very stage
  • Multi Level Item Categorization (Category-Group-Type)
  • Auto definable stocks alerts (Max, Min, Reorder & Critical Levels)
  • Complete stock status of all items in very department and stage
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