Software Administration

  • Multi User and Multi Company Support (Optional, cost is not included)
  • Employee Database
  • User rights and profile setting (add, edit, view and delete levels for all Masters/ Transactions and Reports)
  • Financial Year Creation and closer
  • Configuration for transactions codes in all modules
  • Employee/User Listing
  • Department Listing
  • User Rights Report
  • Access Log report (Audi trail)
Module’s Highlights
  • Extensive on-line documentation and help text
  • Externally described files facilitate the use of SQL, query and report writer tools
  • Search of name and description fields
  • Create Budget and monitor Cash Flow
  • Reconcile Financial reports

Various MIS reports will be available at various levels of authorization. A larger part of business management system will be dependent. MIS will cover many aspects.

  • User-friendly interface and easy to operate (Mouse and / or keyboard)
  • Detailed help for using the system and all its modules
  • Filter options before reports thus allowing the user to see one report from different angles
  • Export facility of reports into Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF formats
  • Direct e-mail of reports from the system
  • Enhanced security features to provide data safety
  • Developed on the Microsoft technologies thus ensuring complete reliability on the present system and flexibility for the future enhancements.
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