Supply Chain Management Software (SCM)

Mx-ERP is a type of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is hosted on a cloud computing platform and can be installed on premises within an enterprise's own data center.

Supply Chain Management system or a software tool for traders is built upon supply chain industry best practices and with the knowledge of years of experience, this solution provides the integration of data related with suppliers, customers, distributors, carriers, partners, and contract manufacturers. ACGIL supply chain solution combines the best-in-class management options that provides you the power to plan & execute business supply chain strategies in faster and profitable ways.

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To ensure continuity and minimize the risk of interruptions in supplies, data collection and processing in time is the essence. This fact when combined with the increasingly global nature of today’s business climate, makes supply management an important and daunting task for every trader or organization that procures goods and services and supply them through a chain of customers.

This requires continuous collaboration with purchasing, technical, supply operations, and supplier personnel. Companies must not only minimize the inventory level but also reduce the complexity in their supply chains to maximize margins. Purchasing or procuring procedures need to be streamlined to optimize material costs and enable the timely supply.

The web based Matrix Supply Chain Management System would allow you to manage the product costs with the help of competitive analysis that this software offers to its users including. The solution enables costs to be loaded in for components and assemblies from various internal or supplier-provided inputs and can perform multi-tier cost roll-up to the final product level. The price elements not only incorporate supplier prices but additional transformation and uplift costs like assembly, contract manufacturing, and other logistics costs etc.

Supply Chain Management solution gives the users the ability to view the total product costs with their elements and work out actual costs to meet targets over the final product. Also, it facilitates to the users to see the supply chain decision impacts on profit in real time manner. Through these processes and the ability to examine and compare prices from various suppliers, users can adjust or vary costs with profit margin, retaining market share and ensuring profitability.

ACG Infotech online SCM software in India enables our clients to react in time to market scenario with great speed. Otherwise, it could take very long time to gather information and make decisions for purchases. With the help of this software solution, you will be able to make decisions in few moments. Keeping in mind the ground realities of balancing demand & supply, the offered cloud based solution combines the supplier’s relationship management processes with procurement processes to cut the time delays and functional & geographical limitations. With the utilization of offered system, distribution & manufacturing companies can get the appropriate balance between supply & demand and this will be done by the functionality of forecasting scheduling and production planning.

The users can manage the following function with the help of powerful SCM software provided by ACG Infotech:

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