Etailing Software Solution

Mx-Etail : Etailing Software Solution Intranet - Internet - On demand

Ecommerce with Integrated CRM & ERP

Complete Process

  • Integrated Solution
    Online Ecommerce portal powered by Net Engine (CRM & ERP)
  • Customer relationship management
    Lead Management with sales force automation, Sales and Invoices, customer contact.
  • Supply chain management
    Product configurator, Online Inventory, order entry, Warehouse, supply chain logistics, supply scheduling, inspection of goods and Payment calculation based on various commissions.
  • Delivery management
    Connect sales with deliveries.
  • Financials
    General ledger, cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable.
  • Data services
    Various "self-service" interfaces for Online Buyers, vendors and employees.
  • Access control
    Management of user privileges for various processes.
  • Data services
    Various "self-service" interfaces for Online Buyers, vendors and employees.
  • Data services
    Various "self-service" interfaces for Online Buyers, vendors and employees.
  • Data services
    Various "self-service" interfaces for Online Buyers, vendors and employees.

(1) Mx- Etailing Solution
The Mx-Etailing software is developed for both backend & frontend that targets online buyers from across the globe. It also provides users with independent and advanced technology open source solution.

B2C ecommerce portal enriched with ERP features
Provided Mx-Etailing will be equipped with aggregation, searches and comparison functions available in the backend ERP system. It is a user-friendly and easily manageable website thus considered beneficial for multi-brands, multi-company, multi-locations and multi-dealers.

The Mx-Etailing solutions also include a CRM & ERP that takes into account large data management to obviate the requirement of large backend team. This model offers to the online buyers the ways of increasing average order size and also for maximizing conversions.

With this software you will get a customized website that possess high performance, provide fast product search and made portal capable of offering fast single page optimization. Our Mx-Etailing integrated ERP Software provides you everything you need to grow business and to manage ecommerce websites:

  • Ecommerce Templates (Dynamic website) are the easily managed and search friendly templates and will be keenly designed as per your business objectives and operational requirements.
  • ERP enabled Content Management System (ERP) allows you to efficiently create and manage specified product specifications and images from backend ERP.
  • CRM enabled back end for sales executives. Central database for all leads and customer data.
  • Ecommerce Website Customers’ Accounts Management (CRM) will be optionally integrated to your website in order to drive optimum customer satisfaction and conversions.
  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart provided with buyers’ friendly shopping basket features.
  • All the other data will also be effectively managed by ERP. This will include
  • B2B Ecommerce Portals and back office (Multi-Channel Hierarchy)
    • With well integrated ERP systems, you will be ensured for providing effective online ordering with invoicing, accounts, customer oriented pricing and offerings.
    • Synchronizing all users corresponding their profile to include vendors, Warehouse & Courier/logistics.
  • Multi-brands Portal
    Easily sold out and manage numerous uniquely branded products with the help of centralized order processing and order fulfillment management. Also, branding of customer communications can be managed from a single system.
  • Multiple searching ways for online buyers
    • The Portal will enable fast search their items.
    • The portal will also provide advance search criteria.
    • It offers Suggestive Shopping by comparing Engine Data Feeds.
    • Positioning the product or brand advertisement to increase product visibility.

(2) General
Our Mx-Etailing software solution is the one stop independent system that is rich in open source features. Also, this is meant for backend & frontend both and often targets online buyers from all over the globe.

  • Easy to operate and user-friendly interface (Mouse and / or keyboard)
  • Detailed help for using the system and all its modules
  • Various Filter options in MIS
  • Export facility of reports into Excel, Microsoft Word and PDF formats
  • Direct e-mail facility of reports from the devices
  • Enhanced security features in order to ensure data safety.

Admin Module

  • Multi User and Multi Office Branch
  • Employee Database
  • User rights and profile maintenance (add, edit, view and delete levels for all Masters/Transactions and Reports)
  • Financial Year Creation and closing
  • Configuration for transactions codes in all modules


  • Employee/User Listing
  • Department Listing
  • User Rights Report
  • Access Log report (Audi trail)
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