Fixed Assets & Maintenance Management

Masters: Fixed Assets Definition (Group Creation, Sub Group Creation, Assets Definition), Maintenance Executive, Breakdown Management (Breakdown Type, Breakdown Reason, Breakdown Maintenance safety Master), Depreciation Management( Rate of Depreciation, Depreciation Group and depreciation Sub group)


  • Maintenance Management
    (Break Down/Preventive Maintenance/Productive maintenance Job card Creation)
  • Multiple Approval
    (Safety Department approval, Process Department Approval, Maintenance Head Approval)
  • Maintenance Completion
    (Close Job Card, Spare part details, Test Drive)
  • Test Approval
    (Approval by Safety Dept, Process Dept, Maintenance Dept)
  • Depreciation
    (As per company Books & as per IT Act with WDV and SLA Method, Depreciation Voucher Posting)