Multi-Channel Distribution

  • Primary levels
  • Secondary levels

Guided Sales Revenues
Managers have more productive time and Business Executives to close more deals. Retrieving Data/MIS from various people will be a matter of logging into the web based application or some data can be fetched over mobile phone as SMS. Back Office operation will become far easier and virtually no time would be required to compile or reconcile reports. Its helps in making your sales force more productive as it will offer

  • Creation of organized distributor & dealer network
  • Sales order collection form dealers & distributors
  • Payment collection and due payments details
  • Tracking of all payments with dealers & distributors

Complete Supply Chain Management
Planned sales call, tracking and monitoring of performance. Business Executives will be able to feed the following information or data on regular basis.

  • Maintain clients
  • Maintain Monthly Route/Tour Plan
  • Maintain DSR (Daily Sales Report)
  • Maintain Sales Projection for the month
  • Maintain Sales Achievement
  • Sales Reconciliation (Return, adjustment, expiry etc)


  • DSR Reporting
  • Monthly Tour Plan
  • Sales Projection Vs Achievement Report
  • Travel Allowance

Sales Performance Analysis
Strong MIS reports allow business decisions based on performance rather then perception.

  • Primary Sales
  • Secondary Sales
  • Tertiary Sales (optional)
  • Sales Target Vs Achievement Report
  • Sales Vs. cost

Business Analysis Vs Business Executives
The administrator will be able to analyze sales zone wise, product wise or BE wise.

Business Executives (BE) integration with perfect Customer Relationship
Faster response to customer’s requests and queries through an ideally organized software helps in maintaining better customer relation, which will normally result into timely action on alerts. The following features would be at the disposal of all BE.

  • Customer (retailer, distributors, etc.) Creation
  • Customer Categorization
  • Sale from self-outlet as retail Billing
  • Sale to/from Branches
  • Stock Management at Distributor's level
  • Sales related complete past history
  • Tracking of all Sales (age wise)
  • Maintenance of Daily route plans
  • Facility of critical alerts on Mobile or emails inbox
  • Facility to send emails and documents through system and information to get filed with the enquiry as a case history, for future reference.
  • Daily work report of Business Executives
  • Sales Order Generation with delivery schedule
  • Orders Status and Report (executive-wise / Customer Wise)


  • Customer and consignee Listing
  • Sales Order Status
  • Retail Bill
  • Sales Register
  • Daily Sales/ Calls Report of each employee

Distributors’ Invoicing
Distributors will be able to make invoices through online system only. This will eliminate market proliferation and other unethical practices.

Distributors’ Commissions
Commission aggregation would be auto generated on creation of invoices.

Auto Schemes Management
All networked dealers and distributors are centrally managed for all relevant schemes. They just have to manage invoices and prices are picked up automatically based on the period for which the scheme is meant for and also being controlled by batch number and product ID number basis.

Optimum Inventory Management
System itself generates auto alerts, when inventory move below the reserves levels. At the same time it generates Report on unused stock as well.

Payment Tracking
Can view payment plan and due details against each order for payment follow up.

Just In-time Distribution
Better tracking of customers’ requirements & order improves and make stronger network. It gives the better picture and status at lowest level in supply chain.

Dynamic Product Catalog
This software will offer very flexible products structure dynamically. You should be able to Add/Edit/Delete product tree with Categories/sub categories/products on your own dynamically. You should be able to create their price and discount structure as per your demand. All kinds of schemes will be worked out according to your plans.

Work anytime from anywhere
This software is browser based, which can be hosted on domain or a static IP. Users will have no geographical dependence to do data entry.

Easy Communications
All reports (MIS) will be created in run time and convertible to PDF or Excel formats. Some critical data can be transported through SMS also for higher authorities in the company.