Payroll Management System

Monthly or daily payroll process is just as easy as a single click of a button. The whole salaries and wages calculation will be computed automatically. However the following are some of the highlights that will be included for completing the modules.

Employee master, Department master, Designation master, Leave master, Allowance master, Deduction master, Shift master, Holidays, Over time Management, Employee grade management

Transaction Forms

  • Daily attendance Entry (capture daily attendance entry of all or individual employees)
  • Monthly attendance entry (capture monthly attendance of individual employees)
  • Import from Bio-Matrix(Auto Attendance capture From Bio-Matrix Machine)
  • Over time process (Process the Over time)
  • Salary Process (process the salary for a particular month & with statutory)
  • Leave Management (Leave application, Leave approval , Leave cancellation & Remaining Leave details)
  • Loan Management (Loan application, Loan approval, Interest on loan, loan deduction per month & Loan balance)
  • Advance Management( Advance Application, Advance Approval, Advance Deduction & advance Balance)
  • Bank Payment advice(Auto bank payment advice generation)
  • Revised salary management (capture data related to arrears, promotions & salary Revision)
  • Bonus (capture bonus details)
  • TA-DA Claim Management(Capture all bill of TA-DA)
  • Full & Final Settlement(Employee Exit Management)


  • All Masters Reports.
  • All attendance Reports (Month wise, Period wise, Department wise, Designation wise, Employee type wise, Employee wise)
  • Overtime Register (Period wise, month wise, Employee wise, Department wise)
  • Salary Register(Period wise, month wise, employee wise, employee type wise)
  • Bonus Register (Period wise, month wise, employee wise).
  • Arrear Register (Period wise, Month wise, Employee wise).
  • Leave Register ( Period wise, Month wise, employee Wise)
  • Loan register ( Period wise , Month Wise, employee wise)
  • Advance register ( Period wise , Month Wise, employee wise)
  • Salary Revision Register (Period wise, Month wise , employee wise)
  • All Reports of Recruitment Process.
  • TA-DA Register.
  • Pay slip generation
  • Full & final Register (Exit Manager)
  • All Types of statutory reports(Form 10, form12,Form 12 A, form 16, Form 16 A, form 2, form 26Q, Form 27A, Form 19 & other Related forms