Technology Platform and Cyber Security

Application Architecture

The proposed application will based on fully redundant N-tier architecture which is vendor agnostic like LAMP with MVC technology, which allows for scalability, central management of business rules, reduced maintenance and single point of deployment.

Presentation Layer

Web Tier

Application Layer


The application is platform independent at the server side, and allows any operating system from client side to connect to the application over intranet or internet. Data mining and warehousing support, providing multi-dimensional view of data, MIS and DSS reports.

Salient features

The application architecture has capability to deliver the expectations of the facility. Following are some of the salient points that are desired from the architecture design:


Data Privacy:

Security SSL:



Data Validation:

In addition to the usual validation techniques like rejecting alpha characters or out of range numbers in a date entry field, MX-ERP validates the entered data.

System Requirements

Hardware components:

Software components:

Most other software components that are required to run the application will be provided by us during the installation of the application on the server.