Admin Module

Organizations having plans to make investments in ERP system have to do a proper evaluation before taking any decision about right selection of ERP system. However, it must be kept in mind that in today's technically advanced world, web-based ERP softwares can do great miracles. Administration is not just a business function but it is also about managing business tools. Admin module is very important as it helps one to add questions, delete questions etc. it is responsible for managing sites and one can also search questions by using question title and id.

This is totally about administration rights and will help one in adding various numbers of administrators such as security, office staff, accountant etc and offers them necessary access permissions. Just like a mechanic fixing car issues, ERP administrator looks after the whole system through applying vendor given fixes to errors, supporting technical infrastructure and enhancements. The main responsibilities of ERP administrator module includes help desk support, managing backup schedules, assisting in training needs, managing interfaces, communicating with the maintenance schedules, looking after interface management etc.

ERP administrator also maintains system performance, changing requirements of functional areas and help calls for determining when to tune up the process or oil the gears. The module helps the staffs of front office in managing enquiries and responding properly. It also offers them reports on admitted and non-admitted members. It lets the management work in a proper order.

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