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Customer intelligence

Customer intelligence helps retailers identify, acquire, activate, serve and retain the most profitable customers.

  • Returns and Refunds tracking systems (including issue of credit notes)
  • Non – Barcode Sales Option. / Barcode Sales Option Also
  • Memo wise / Item wise Discount Option Multiple Credit Note adjustment option in single cash memo.
  • Flexible payment option (cash, credit, gift certificate) in single cash memo.
  • Free, Scheme and Sales Promotion Options.
  • Counter/User wise Cash management
  • Cash Memo on Hold Concept
  • Special option to scan items by industry standard barcode, item number or user defined codes
  • Used defined customized memo serial number printing option (Terminal wise, Date wise, User wise, company wise etc)
  • User defined customized cash memo and return memo formatting and printing option.
  • Non-Fixed Unit Sales compatibility with weighing scale.
  • Option available to setup a separate counter for collecting cash and track payments and deliveries.
  • Option to reprint cash memos (with marking)
  • Special Offline Billing (in case of hardware for network failure)
  • VFD (Vacuum fluorescent display) complaint POS (Pos Display On Pos Machine Display Bar)

Store management

  • Day Begin / Close and Counter Begin / Close Option.
  • Daily Store Summary Report.
  • Multi Category Sales and Stock Analysis – E.g. Supplier wise, Department wise, Brand wise, Quality wise, Style wise, Size wise etc.
  • Ageing Analysis.[Seasonal, Monthly, Weekly or Daily]
  • Automatic Posting of Cash and Return Memos to accounts.
  • Sales promotional scheme management on various parameters i.e. period wise, department wise, suppliers wise, brand wise, item wise etc.
  • Unit wise and Lot wise Price changing option.
  • Salesman Commission System based upon various combinations – Department wise, Brand wise, Item wise etc.
  • Sales Tax/VAT accounting.


  • Single Good Receive Challan entry (for item definition, stock in and bar coding).
  • Automatic markup facility with round off option to calculate MRP based upon on cost inputs.
  • Indent vs challan In Reports.
  • Pending Challan Reports.
  • Consignment purchase and sales tracking system.
  • User-defined customized online barcode printing.
  • Special entry module for multi-category combination items.
  • Purchase return tracking system along with automatic creation of return challan.
  • Service bills / Job work charges accounting
  • Outstanding bill wise reports.

Customer Relationship Management [CRM]

  • Direct Discount Option, Point Earned Accumulation system and Points Earned and Redemption system
  • Issue of loyalty/membership cards – Platinum, Gold, Silver card.
  • Member Creation with historical data and analysis for promo mailers.
  • Automatic discounting on cash memos for members.
  • Membership status and tracking.
  • Members Enquiry section.
  • Member-wise accumulated point's statement.


  • Multi item grouping and categorization (sections, divisions, departments, family and price range).
  • Multi item category management.
  • Inter Location Transfer and reconciliation.
  • Inter department issue and return for consumable & store items.
  • Negative stock alert for better control of inventories.
  • Dynamic category manager to restructure obsolete/expired item categories.
  • Physical stock verification option on various parameters like complete store, department wise, brand wise, item wise etc.
  • Automatic reconciliation and posting of actual stock with book stock.
  • Item history (status and ledger) to track any barcode