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Performance management solutions

Performance management solutions provide the ability to analyze, forecast and maximize profits across the entire retail enterprise by monitoring cost and performance, helping retailers drive disparate functional units toward common goals.

Matrix for retail is built on a common retail intelligence platform that provides an integrated, open and extensible foundation for creating and delivering accurate, in-depth retail intelligence.

  • Day Begin / Close and Counter Begin / Close Option.
  • Daily Store Summary Report.
  • Purchase Order Generation on behalf of indent from POS.
  • Stock in & Purchase Invoice against Purchase Order
  • Challan out against Indent of POS
  • Sales Tree and matrix report to view Sales history on various attributes.(Graphical Presentation)
  • Multi Category Sales and Stock Analysis – E.g. Supplier wise, Department wise, Brand wise,Quality wise, Style wise, Size wise etc.
  • Ageing Analysis.[Seasonal, Monthly, Weekly or Daily]
  • Automatic Posting of Cash and Return Memos to accounts.
  • Sales promotional scheme management on various parameters i.e. period wise, department wise, suppliers wise, brand wise, item wise etc.
  • Power Pricing, Happy Hours Schemes.( Power  To Authorize  the discount )
  • Unit wise and Lot wise Price changing option.
  • Salesman Commission System based upon various combinations – Department wise, Brand wise, Item wise etc.
  • Sales Tax accounting.


  • Single Good Receive Challan entry (for item definition, stock in and barcoding).
  • Automatic markup facility with round off option to calculate mrp based upon on cost inputs.
  • Consignment purchase and sales tracking system.
  • User-defined customized Online barcode printing.
  • Special entry module for multi-category combination items.
  • Purchase return tracking system along with automatic creation of return challan.
  • Service bills / Job work charges accounting
  • Outstanding bill wise reports.

Customer Relationship Management [CRM]

  • Direct Discount Option, Point Earned Accumulation system and Points Earned and Redemption system
  • Issue of loyalty/membership cards – Platinum, Gold, Silver card.
  • Member Creation with historical data and analysis for promo mailers.
  • Automatic discounting on cash memos for members.
  • Membership status and tracking
  • Members Enquiry section
  • Member-wise accumulated point's statement.


  • Multi item grouping and categorization (sections, divisions, departments, family and price range).
  • Multi item category management.
  • Inter Location Transfer and reconciliation.
  • Inter department issue and return for consumable & store items.
  • Negative stock alert for better control of inventories.
  • Dynamic category manager to restructure obsolete/dead item categories.
  • Physical stock verification option on various parameters like complete store, department wise, brand wise, item wise etc.
  • Automatic reconciliation and posting of actual stock with book stock.
  • Item history (status and ledger) to track any barcode

Multi Store Distribution

  • Inter store requisition and replenishment system.
  • Generation of package for Inter store, godown or branch transfers.
  • Package tracking system through barcodes / package codes while sending and receiving packages from one location to another
  • Data polling between stores to send transfer information through polling wizard.
  • Branch, Franchisee or Consignment transfer options.
  • Purchase Order Template - to transfer Purchase Order between locations.

General Features:

  • Dynamic user defined menu security system with User Locking Facility.
  • Multi user profiling system with customized entry-level security at every form.
  • User Friendly GUI Forms with 800 X 600 resolution and help manual.
  • User Defined Reports through OLAP (On line analytical processing tools).
  • Scalable from single store to multiple chain stores.
  • Help manual with every forms and reports.