Retail Chain Management

MatriX FOR RetaiL Chain Management

Enhance retail profitability by transforming insight into action

More than any other business driver, competition characterizes the retail industry. Globalization, deflation, diversification of sales channels and, most of all, changing customer demands have merged to create a cutthroat environment in which retailers struggle to turn a profit. These profitability challenges involve both revenue and cost. Sales remain flat as many companies don't understand customer behavior and buying habits well enough to make the right decisions about product, price, promotion and placement. And without the ability to explore every facet of the organization across business units and geographies, it can be a struggle to understand and manage the costs required to do business.

Robust retail intelligence powered by leading analytics

Matrix for retail turns data about customers, merchandise and operations into knowledge that provides greater insight into performance and empowers retailers to make more informed decisions, gain a competitive advantage, strengthen customer and vendor loyalty, and improve profitability. Retailers can select from a wide range of powerful Matrix that include retail analytics experience, along with retail expertise and merchandising best practices in the Market.

Retail which is one of the biggest sectors of global economy is facing transition phase not only in India, but all over the world. Customers have become more demanding, perfect and exacting with the levels of services being offered. Retailers in turn have responded by enhancing the variety of products, by making it more competitive and striving high level of services. Retail chain management mainly targets medium-sized and small retailers who are seeking for automating their stores. The retail sector is a prominent economic engine of the entire world economy. Even though the retail sector remained always competitive, recently competitive nature of this field has been enhanced in a dramatic way.

Matrix, the biggest launch of ACGIL for retail purpose turns data related to merchandise, operations to knowledge which offers great insight to performance. It empowers retailers for making more strong decisions and gaining competitive advantage, strengthening vendor and customer loyalty as well as improving profitability. Retailers may also choose from wide range of Matrix which includes retail analytics experience, apart from retail expertise and merchandising best practices in market. The system runs on almost all personal computers which help you manage a huge range of store operations as well as customer marketing campaigns including inventory control, pricing, sales, customized reports, customer management, promotions and operations.