Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Sales Force Automation

MATRIX – The Swift Logics one of the most cost effective solutions that integrates all sales force of your company with your perspective and exiting clients. It also analyses the current revenue trends and prospectives sales. This will help you in planning your investments and growth of your organization. This software is a browser based and having very user-friendly interface. The organization will in no time will find that their productivity is up right from the day one after it is implemented in yuor company.

We are sure the deployment of MATRIX shall provide you with the desired and intended business benefits. Some of the business values/benefits foreseen with the deployment of MATRIX are as follows:

Guided Sales Revenues
Managers have more productive time and Sales People to close more deals. It will render redundant the meetings sessions for just collecting reports/MIS from various people. Back Office operation will become far easier and virtually no time would be required to compile or reconcile reports. Its helps in making your sales force more productive.

Efficient Sale Cycle
Planned sales call, tracking and monitoring.

Economical Customer Relationship
Faster response to customers requests / queries through an organized ‘library’ of documents helps in maintaining better customer relation.

Work any time from anywhere
If hosted or run through Static IP, provided that you have enough band Width, Matrix allows users to work at their convenience from anywhere & any time. The CEOs will have no geographical office dependence to monitor returns on the investments as all reports are online and auto data-driven.

Instant communication
Puts a uniform & transparent sales process in place across the organization. Interactive system improves on internal communication between team members. Helps in implementing success stories of different branches across the organization.

Sales Performance Analysis
Strong MIS reports allow business decisions based on performance rather then perception.

Customer History
Can view customer history on sales call basis

Business Analysis Vs Sales Executives
Order ‘lost’ report helps in analyzing possible reasons for failures and to take corrective steps to win against competition.

Payment Tracking
Can view payment plan and due details against each order for payment follow up