Complete Process of Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management Modules of SCM

Generic Process
Financial Accounting

Supply chain management 
Sales Management, Order to cash, inventory, order entry, purchasing, product configurator, supply chain planning, supplier scheduling, inspection of goods, claim processing, and Payment calculation

General ledger, cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets

Delivery management
Connect sales with all stake holders

Customer relationship management 
Sales and marketing relation, QC services, customer contact

Data services 
Various "self-service" interfaces for employees

Access control 
Management of user privileges for various processes

Data flow and information processing
From the sketchy understanding of the system, our team has developed the following data flow to provide you a glimpse into our understanding of your system processing. All systems have a source and sink of information with an information processing mechanism in between. The challenge in creating a data flow is to identify these and merge these information transfers to and from processing modules. The process flow given below will also help the number of minimum Users required to operate the respective module. However you have to decide to add or reduce the number of Users from the system.


Supply Chain Management Modules of SCM

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