Subcontractor Module

Different modules of ERP such as contractor module, inventory module and production module all are efficiently integrated. Subcontractor payment module has been especially designed for assisting users in several day-to-day activities which are required for dealing with the subcontractors. With the help of this module subcontract orders can be released quickly for carrying out work under operations. This system looks after the entire subcontractor order cycle through order creation, payments, tendering etc. Further it could be also configured for reading subcontractor static data from some of the standard accounting systems.

Sub-contractor payment module lets you maintain and look after your subcontractors at all times in an easy way. And thus subcontractors can become a part of your business. It helps the individuals to communicate with their subcontractors without any difficulty and to share details even from your home. Contractor billing system also comes under this which has been developed by the professionals who have the understanding of flexible requirements related to customer industry. The application is flexible in meeting different size projects and uses features which allow you to do billing in different formats. The system can manage all transactions which are related to material movement, transfer of materials to sub-contractor and other labor activities. It offers flexibility to methods of enquiry, reporting subcontractor inventory etc.

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