Tender and Bid Management

Construction engineering is a diverse field and simultaneously it is competitive in nature too. Every construction company whether it is small or medium competes for finding projects under a specific time schedule. In such situations, accuracy, time management, accuracy and speed of bid preparation finds who will bag the project and who is a looser. Tender management is a complicated process which needs active involvement of project managers, construction estimators, executives as well as other staffs. Construction firms are not capable of allowing staff members for spending valuable resources and time for preparing tenders.

Nowadays, many companies have their bids in which they define how their organization solves different business issues. The entire process of writing and designing tenders or proposals accompanied with their competitive price is known as tender management or simply bid management. There are several standard tender management processes available nowadays. ERP tender management system looks after entire information content of a tender which has been issued. It will automatically manage administration process of both receiving as well as issuing tenders. The software maintains a repository of entire documents and resource management.

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