Inventory Management (FG & Spares)

Inventory Management is the process of removing goods, ordering and storing from the company's location. This web-based ERP Software includes raw materials, finished products, and warehousing items. ERP for manufacturing company is an important aspect of any business, restoring certain items, knowing the right amount of purchase or produce, a reasonable amount to be paid. It is the process of tracking items as they enter or leave a warehouse. Tracking is crucial as it helps in keeping the track of the stock they want to sell to the customers so that they can maintain the balance between overstocks and stockouts.

Cloud-based ERP system has been designed to create sales strategies, managing orders, and fulfill customers. Manufacturing ERP software is used to track inventory levels, sales processes, orders, and deliveries, can also be used to utilize production-related documentation such as work orders and bill of materials. ERP for manufacturing offers an improved way to manage paperwork and minimizes manual work. Inventory management allows to group products and categorizes them according to name, type, price, supplier, etc.

Online ERP software provides full inventory control since it can be tracked and predict the future supply. This online solution provider also makes it possible to handle purchase and sales from a single system, enables electronic data interchange, scanning & tracking electronically is a new level of inventory control. Another important feature of inventory management software is that it automates the orders, in this process, it saves time and manual efforts.