Advertising Industry ERP Solutions

Generally, advertising firms are valued for providing superior and fast customer service by effectively controlling job costs & account management. These agencies have got immense expertise in meeting tight client's deadlines with ease and convenience.

Basically, to address all the advertising challenges, software development companies make use of proper business solutions incorporated with various small applications. These solutions are termed as ERP software solutions that can be availed by any of the market leaders as per their business needs and working environment.

ACG Infotech has greatly helped various advertising organizations by supporting their revenue recognition and by managing all the creative, financial and production assets of the business. Our firm also believes in offering the best in class software products along with maximizing client satisfaction.

Technical facts about our advertising ERP software: Our professionally designed & developed advertising & marketing solutions are built to provide complete visibility across all the departments of the firm in order to improve productivity levels and efficiency of the business. The offered ACGIL's ERP software solution is also meant to provide the appropriate insight required to build an informed business and to make important decisions.

ACGIL offers highly operational management software specifically for the advertising industry, which is divided into different modules. They are as follows:

Purchase management: In an advertising firm, this software will help you in managing different types of purchases such as occasional, recurring and purchase for external services. The implemented software controls all the reflections and provide accurate calculations to support imperative decisions.
Points can be described in a purchase module:

  • Current and repetitive purchases
  • Purchase order edition
  • Purchase by subcontractor
  • Overall purchase monitoring and settlement

Project estimation & planning: This is the prime and the most important module in an advertising application, which is specifically based on the proper management of contract, project, customer and proposed case. As, we can see that project estimation is done on the basis of revenue & expenditures of the business and that can only be calculated when you have a proper database maintained at your end. With the MX-ERP, entrepreneurs can avail the advantages of having the best management of items and employee profiles, which further help business in earning more business from customers.

Task can be added in estimation module:
  • Track milestones and deliverables of the consignment
  • Schedule employees and service providers
  • Manage invoice schedule
  • Allocate purchase & expenses
  • Production control
  • Profitability analysis

Project invoicing: Advertising is a broad platform, where invoices generate in huge quantity to make sure about the purchases & sales. Project invoicing is a perfect blend of various small process invoices generated to ensure payments.

With this module agencies can better manage their different jobs, such as:
  • Down payment & due dates schedule
  • Automated billing for rate contracts
  • Bill monitoring & settlement
  • Automate client reminder

Activity monitoring & control: Activity management is very important for an advertising company, through which all the marketing processes get scheduled properly. With the help of this module, entrepreneurs can monitor and control administration, so that the company could grow constantly.

Activity module covers administration and HR activities, they are as follows:
  • Overall HR records
  • Record the time taken for each activity
  • Activity reports collection to calculate business profit
  • Expense management of customer purchases, charge back and refunds

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