Cement Industry ERP Solutions

Ensures Business Maturity And Agility

Monitor Your Business By Staying Ahead of Time.

With the increasing competition in the market, there has also seen a significant rise in the cement manufacturing companies. All these organizations are now planning to utilize their fixed assets in such a manner so that optimum production results can be achieved. To solve the purpose of the same, we at ACG Infotech Limited, provide to this industry the predictive tools that are basically used to improve production capacity along with providing quick responses.

At present, India is counted as one of the second largest cement producer country and make sure to provide the optimum and quality assured production levels. For all the cement processing organizations, high productivity is the critical factor that has to be achieved to maintain a reputed niche in the industry. So, ready to be equipped with the advanced and the smart technology to run your business flawlessly.

With the introduction of the ACGIL's cement ERP, companies get enabled to have maximized capacity utilization, ensures maximum equipment capacity uptime, reduce operational cost in lean periods and also helps in achieving an optimum level of operational efficiency.

Eliminate Conflicts of Demand And Supply

Plan accordingly to fulfill demand of cement and concrete.

By implementing the sophisticated and comprehensive solution, you can easily get the information you needed to plan your business expenses and outcomes. The offered system also assists you in making plans about ensuring to be delivered the right amount of raw and finished material to the client's end.

It allows users to have the real time insights into the different phases of cement industry such as markets, supply, demand and plant operations. In this way, you will be able to maximize the asset usability, easily optimize supply chain performance and effectively achieve service excellence in an organized manner.

Never Disappoint Your Customers

Provide to your customers the qualitative cement on-time.

With ACG Infotech Limited cement industry ERP solutions, you can better plan your order to be shipped and that too within given time periods. Also, you can reduce the chances of wastage during packing and improve revenue potential just by using the process control feature of this system.

Utilize Your Business Assets In A Better Way

Improve the functional efficiency of all your assets and keep your organization running round the clock.

Staying competitive in the market means always looking for new ways to get the most out of the existing assets. With the easy usage and user friendly structure of the system, you will be able to ensure safety, assure uptime, reduce maintenance cost and mitigate risks occur during operations.