ERP for Electronics Manufacturing Industry

ACG Infotech Limited believes that flexibility must be required to thrive in the business of manufacturing of semiconductor, electronics and electrical business, that is why the company has rendered in front of the entire industry a highly comprehensive ERP for electronics industry. A cloud based solution from ACG Infotech for the high-tech and electronics industry can help you maintain market leadership and make you able to adapt quickly all the market trends. Our perfectly developed ERP solutions ensure seamless integration and also let the existing technology infrastructure to be merged into it.

Feature rich software for electronic industry:

Built Keeping In Mind the Small & Medium Size Companies:

In general, this offered ERP edition is designed & developed to fit with the needs and requirements of all the small to mid sized electronics manufacturers across the market. This software is fully integrated and hence proven applicable to all the medical devices, general electronics and aerospace manufacturing companies.

Modules that have been added in it are purchase, inventory, accounting, manufacturing and order processing. All these processes and modules are taken care and integrated with the expert team using a consistent technology & user interface.

Moreover, new generation application has recently introduced as a full fledged, comprehensive yet cost effective software specifically designed to effectively meet the enterprise resource planning requirements of small and medium type organizations.

Scope of the offered ACGIL's ERP system:

ACG Infotech is ready to help enterprises taking advantages of new market trends and opportunities with its advanced and the latest resource planning suite. This is the system that effectively reduces the complexities of the traditional process management system by replacing it with the new version ERP that basically emphasizes collaboration, ease of use and responsiveness.

The electronic industry ERP system offers to the users a modular approach that has the capability to streamline processes, reduce cost and ensure customer responsiveness across the premises. At the end, it also provides surety to all the top priorities to achieve profitability and continued growth. Guided by the desired needs of the today's users, our firm delivers the flexibility, choice and agility needed to support all the strategic decisions and to lean out the wasted processes.