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Nowadays many top companies and institutes are working for the improvement and expanding of IT market. In this regard an ERP solution promises to offer awesome services in terms of demand and supply. ERP software can be best described as a complete business package capable of fulfilling the need of today's market. In case organization is growing fast and is unable to control their operations such as customer details, top suppliers, subcontractor details, inventory status, production capacity, top customers and production planning, in such cases companies have to think about a software which will suit their business processes. The main motive of the software is to properly assimilate as well as arrange entire system of entering processes and data.

ERP which was seen as the most critical buzzword in 90s has become highly popular these days and has been opted by several companies. In India more and more companies are currently operating ERP software. The performance of numerous Indian organizations have improved through the use of ERP software Ghaziabad areas which comprises operational control, resource planning and management control. Indian market is getting very advanced day by day and growing fast. In the current scenario, if anyone says ERP promises a lot, several people will agree with it. ERP has revolutionized the industrial sector and brought a theory of core competency in many organizations of Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Noida etc.

Due to rising competition and pressure lots of companies are looking forward for equipping them with latest business processes and here comes the requirement of ERP. ERP is more than just a simple piece of software as it has enhanced the way business used to be conducted in India. Some of the factors responsible for the increase in demand of ERP in NCR-region especially Ghaziabad region is higher ROI, ease of integration and rapid industrialization. It has become an important element of organizations which targets to harmonize business and give better results.

ERP software is available in certain modules as the following
  • Finance module: All financial activities of the organization are recorded by the finance modules. It is used on regular basis by companies for recording transactions.
  • Inventory Management Module: It facilitates gathering of data of inventory department such as delivering goods, classifying materials, rejections by suppliers etc.
  • Manufacturing module: This is related to recording of data of the manufacturing department.
  • Marketing Module: Marketing module is solely responsible for marketing-related tasks.
  • Sales Module: This module is used for recording information related to the department of sales. Data which are recorded within this module are order shipping, sales returns, sales orders, order shipping etc.
  • Purchase Module: Purchase module is related with production planning and inventory control tasks.
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