Take the Challenges Out from your Manufacturing Business with the Help of ERP on Cloud

Digitization of business is a need in present days as the market has increased and also get advanced with introducing technologies. This is the modern era where back-end and front office work needs to be handled with the latest process handling tools. So, in this way enterprises now needs to think radically to implement a full fledged ERP software in order to track all their operations and administration.

ACGIL's ERP on cloud provides you the way to achieve goals and propel your business in this most competitive world. Built your business with our cloud ERP which is incorporated with the revolutionary and the most advanced management applications.

Due to its online accessibility, it enables users to get a complete view of enterprise processes anywhere at anytime. It is only about to put all the functions and modules on to a single system or platform over the cloud. To have such easy and unified view of business, owners can effectively drive innovations across all the departments by increasing efficiency, decrease time to market and reduce overall cost of operations.

Further, the manufacturers are also provided an online manufacturing ERP software to streamline their business processes. Let see, how it gets implemented in the business environment. ACGIL offer ERP software with the high technology to facilitate all the manufacturers involved in handling operations and growing business revenues. Whether an organization has few operations or a firm dealing with numerous operations, we provide valid solutions to all types and sizes of organizations.

This software also helps manufacturers to handle the requirements as per build to stock, build to order and engineer to order. And, all these activities effectively take place with the help of a web browser and a centralized online database system.

To different verticals, we provide the highly functional online manufacturing ERP incorporating lots of advanced features and activity management, they are:

  • Purchase order management
  • Sales order Management
  • Inventory management
  • Production engineering management
  • Control serialization
  • Material requirement planning
  • Cloud space scheduling
  • Effective shop floor control
  • Multi-site & multi-division management
  • Overall manufacturing control
Moreover, our offered ERP solutions leverages core business functionality which has been widely used and proven beneficial at most of the customer sites for past many years. In addition, utilizing this system automatically eliminates the need of implementing separate ERP to maintain spreadsheets and other administrative operations.

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