Manufacturing ERP Modules & Their Functions

Manufacturing business is complicated as compared to the other industry verticals. To be successful in any type of manufacturing field, the prime objective it is to achieve the best production results in any how. In business terms, producing the best production results means optimum quality, descent pace, smooth process execution and complete customer satisfaction, which can only be possible with the help of an integrated system. However, to become renowned and to be the best among all, you need to have a good manufacturing ERP software in place to ensure better execution of all the processes.

An ERP software only be made successful, if it has all the required modules incorporated in it with all the essential functions and functionalities. Today, almost all of the ERP consultants provide ERP systems, to unite the data processed in different department of an organization. It also aims at providing effective connectivity between the processes, so that information can be easily achieved regarding each phase.

Now, users will get to know that how individual modules in ERP for manufacturing is helpful to take business to the heights of success. To make users very clear, we have mentioned few major modules with their functions and benefits:

  • Purchase management: This module in a manufacturing ERP streamlines all the required procurement activities. Besides, streamlining the activities, it also provides non inventory related information to handle day-to-day material management.

  • Sales and distribution management: With the help of a well developed sales module, getting sales order records of customers become easier. Task related to access customer information, rapidly creating the quotes and migrating them to the sales orders can also be handled by having this module in a manufacturing software.

  • Inventory Management: This is one of the most powerful manufacturing ERP modules, which provide a flexible set of advanced features that help managers in maintaining the entire inventory records. Whenever, business handlers need to take decisions regarding the material in hand or in stock, they can go to the inventory module and get relevant information only from there instantly.

  • Production planning & management: Planning module in a manufacturing ERP effectively optimizes the utilization of resources, manufacturing efforts and material maintenance. It also allows users to forecast business data and sales orders, through which they can easily estimate their profits and outcomes.

  • Human resource management: This is the module, which is completely depends on the human resource and human capital. Information related to manpower and human capital such as recruitment, training, attendance and payroll can be easily accessed from here without any hassles or obstacles.

  • Excise management: It is one and only module that enables organizations to ensure excise compliance in different processes. This software also helps users in managing all the transactions related to purchase, sales, production and inventory management.

  • Finance & accounting management: With the assistance of accounting and finance module users can easily gather all the relevant financial information in one stroke and in an extremely effective way. It also assists managers to generate valuable final reports on the basis of accurately collected financial information.

  • Service management: Service management is a kind of customer related or business enhancement module that have the capability to monitor all the service related activities. In service management various tasks can be included such as message alerts, e-mail integration, chat connectivity facility, auto call allocation, e-mail integration of escalated calls, etc., to make the business stable.

All these above modules can be added in an ERP for manufacturing industry to streamline the business processes of a company. By adding these modules, nothing could leave undone and unprocessed. Hence, it is beneficial for the manufacturing and trading companies to have a full fledged and integrated ERP instead of having individual modules of each department.

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