Blood Bank Management System

Blood Bank Management System

The Blood Bank Management is one of the tricky issue for any healthcare institution. Electra HMIS provides the mechanism to support all the crucial functionalities of a Blood Bank, which includes process of receiving requisitions for blood, issuing blood and stock management. Besides blood management, collection & blood transfusion activities, it also considers maintaining records of the entire blood bank process and the recipient & donor reactions.

Online Blood bank management software module in our HMIS is specifically designed to process, store, retrieve and analyze the information concerned with the inventory and administration within a blood bank. This module has been developed with the aim of maintaining information pertaining to blood donors & receivers and also provides facility of knowing that required blood group is available or not at approached hospital or diagnostic center.

Features of Blood Bank management software
  • Generating reports on the basis of Area wise, Stocks-Blood Group wise and expiry date wise.
  • Maintain donor Database-Blood Group wise and Area wise.
  • Update and maintain Unique Donor Identifications.
  • Effective Key Consumables Inventory Management.
  • Track and maintain information of all the Donor Types-Voluntary, Exchange and Directed
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Blood Bank to attain Better Control and Faster Response Time.
  • Accurate & precise database/Record Management.
  • Cross Blood Matching and Result Storage Facility.
  • Digital Record archival, backup and restoring facility-Enhanced Housekeeping & Record Maintenance.
  • Rejected Donor Database management for non-healthy Donor control and identification & control of Blood Transfusion related disease.
  • Excellent searching facility for Expired and Destroyed Blood.
  • Extensive Donor database with powerful Search Facility.
  • Maintain database to identify patient record and Unique Donor Id for managing future list.
  • Improve Blood Bank processes by offering constant and efficient software support.
  • Blood bank list access to check availability for matching blood group

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