Hospital Information System

Hospital Management Information System

Electra, a Hospital Information Management System primarily targets an element of health informatics, which deals mainly with administrational needs of medium and large sized hospitals. Electra, HIS or HMS or HMIS is quite comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage all the aspects of a hospital's operation, such as Front Office, Clinical, administrative, Material or consumables and financial issues and the corresponding processing of services.

Hospital software company allows operational visibility which helps in running hospital profitably. While it has multiple challenges while operating the hospital processes efficiently, this computerized system can integrate all departments- pharmacies, diagnostic labs, blood banks, etc. The best part about hospital software is that it is cloud-based and there is no need to install costly servers.

Hospital Information System (HIS) or Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) or Hospital Management System (HMS) software are synonyms of hospital e-Governance initiatives, which means making a hospital management paperless. Electra HIS integrates the entire resources of a hospital into one integrated software solution. It deals with a common terminology “Offline” & “Online”, which commonly used in the industry these days.

An integrated Hospital Management System which is provided by ACGIL is helpful in managing all aspects of the hospital administration like financial, medical, legal, and compliance. Our Hospital software company provides digital electronic health record, revenue management, improved quality by Electra, HMIS.

This hospital software is easy to use as it minimizes the errors caused by the manual data entry and technical systems pull up information from cloud servers.

This allows quick and easy access to patients' information, a decision support system for administration, gives full details of hospital staff, it monitors every new update in the system so that it may function properly.

ACGIL has used the power of browser and this enabled the cloud hosting solution a reality. A cloud hosted HIS has attracted the attention of many industry leaders as this has specially served the purposes of many chain of hospital have one location of server and seamlessly connecting many hospitals. Electra now boasts of offering many interfaces with smart mobile phone and connecting, in real time, patient-centric information system; specially covering patient related alerts and emergencies. ACGIL is now promoting HIS with main focus on

  • Improved & patient centric workflows
  • Clinical documentation improvement
  • Cloud computing
  • Computer security & Medical systems
  • Electronic health record (EHR)
  • Health care
  • Health information management
  • Health information technology
  • Medical imaging
  • Medical record
  • Personal health record

Electra HIS ensures real time administration of finance, diet of patient, engineering, and distribution of medical responsibilities across all department. It create a larger perceptive in understanding a broad picture of hospital growth as well. Tight monitoring of pharmacy usage leads to the reduction of adverse drug interactions while promoting generic and branded pharmaceutical utilization. The main impact felt by almost all users was information integrity, minimising transcription errors, and eliminating duplication of data entries.

It can be safely claimed to truly world class hospital management information system, which complies with HL7 regulation. To make the system more economical, Electra HIS ensures that it fits into any Operating System (OS). Light interface or User Interfaces make it easily downloadable even on low Internet bandwidth. This makes it ideal for all types of environment.

A recent case study at Ayodhya Eye Hospital in rural area of Uttar Pradesh, a chain of 4 hospitals, was a real life experience. Being a rural area with huge OPD Patients’ crowd, implementing Electra HIS was a real challenge. Against all odd including users’ negative opinion, Electra succeeded as Internet dependent cloud hosted HIS. The success largely credited to being efficient backend (Data Base) and light interfaces.

Electra, online hospital management software is largely focusing as a patient-centric mechanism that has exceptional capability of handling outpatients, inpatients, emergencies, day care and different other referred patient cases. Interfacing with Email and SMS in closed loop has made quick decision a reality.

The core benefits that a hospital gains out of Electra HMIS implementation are:

  • Assess information and needs of patients,
  • Characterize, re-evaluate, and refine clinical procedures,
  • Clinical decision support systems, and
  • Connects users with in-time procurement, development of various departments, implementation, management, evaluation, and continuous improvement of clinical Services.

Electra HIS can also help in more but clinical areas are:

  • Integrated data repository
  • Clinical research informatics
  • Informatics for education and research in health and medicine
  • Human bioinformatics
  • Computational health informatics

Electra HIS is flexible and can easily follow Current state and policy initiatives of any country worldwide including those related with Patient insurance or EMR etc. This can also be integrated with unique ID of patients for state funded hospitals. The current system also allows it to be integrated with any medical device.

Patients data can be migrated from Medical and Laboratory Devices to Electra HIS to remove manual data entry for users is various test labs. Bar codes or smart cards can also generated, which can be used at various stages including labelling and identifying patients, laboratory samples, etc. Information shall be communicated and exchanged with external entities using the standards for communication that exist for data formats and message types (e.g., HL7), vocabulary (e.g., ICD-10 CM/PCS, CPT, ATC/DDD or SNOMED), and communications techniques (e.g., Web Services, SOAP).

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