Casualty & Emergency Management

Electra HMIS has inbuilt feature in this module to serve the emergency patients instantly. It takes the patient from the arrival point in the casualty to the transfer to a department in the hospital for further treatments. This module has facility to sends alerts to the corresponding departments, captures all the relevant data on patient's condition at the time of arrival, course of action undertaken and this in turn also helps in the planning the further treatments of the patient.

Features of Casualty & Emergency Management Module
  • Capturing of whatever basic patient demographic information available at the time of registration of the casualty & updating the same when fully available
  • Temporary ATD of the patient
  • Consulting details
  • Clinical follow up scheduling
  • Lab test reports
  • Diagnosis
  • Service orders and bookings
  • Pharmacy / Surgical details
  • Statutory forms & reports etc.
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