Dietary Management

The dietary management module provides assistance to the hospital kitchen in providing meals to inpatients as per the instructions of the dietician. The module facilitates the dietician to prescribe a diet as instructed by the physician to any given patient. The module also allows the maintenance of meal scheduling, customizing meals as per patient meals and recording of individual meal orders.

Features of the dietary management module
  • Allows the user to create the food items groups and food items available in the hospital kitchen.
  • Captures the calorie count as well as the nutritional information of all food items.
  • Facilitates capturing of recipes that are made up of food items or other recipes and their proportionate quantities. The steps for preparation can also be mentioned.
  • Charts for maintaining the nutritive information of different food stuffs.
  • Creation of a meal plan for the kitchen by the dietician in the system for breakfast, lunch and dinner for any given period of time as per the requirements of patients.
  • Generates an order for the kitchen providing a list of items to be prepared for each day, based on the requirements of the patient.
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