Estimation Module

ERP system is a highly advanced and sophisticated system which includes finance, sales services, hospital management, estimation, tender management, customer relationship management etc. Estimation module actually standardizes the whole estimating process of contractor's office. ACG Infotech Limited provides a large variety of functionalities and features of estimation software which suits their different business needs. This module is well-established and has been updated on a regular basis for meeting the requirements of user needs and tendering conditions.

Estimators can find critical elements of a tender and also put price. This module manages tender, looks after procurement, purchase order, invoice, material uses. The software lets you take precise takeoffs with high speed and through tying cost analysis, labor needs, and estimates, Estimation module lets you bid in a more profitable and accurate way. It saves lots of your precious time which would be otherwise spending on paperwork. As a result you will have better cost savings and efficiency.

ERP estimation software is the fully integrated system which comprises multiple sophisticated modules. Some of the ERP estimates are simple to calculate if a pre-defined implementation scope is available. ERP estimation management module offers complete functionality for estimating various types of printing processes such as sheet, continuous, web, screen, label, digital and Broking.

Construction ERP Modules are the following