Housekeeping and Laundry Management

The Housekeeping and Laundry management module provides the facility to manage and monitor the housekeeping activities in a hospital. This module facilities and keeps track of the housekeeping activities like patient room preparation, sweeping/mopping floors, dusting furniture, cleaning fixtures/ walls/ windows/ ceiling/ bathrooms, etc. A schedule is maintained which alerts the Housekeeping and laundry department of the activities that are to be performed. The housekeeping and laundry module helps the healthcare organization to reduce the waiting time of the patients requiring admission to the inpatients department.

Features of the Housekeeping and Laundry Module
  • Scheduling the cleaning of various areas of a hospital.
  • Appointing staff for specific housekeeping activities.
  • Integrated with the stores department to maintain the required stock.
  • Scheduling the changing of linen used by the In-patient department.
  • Maintaining the count of incoming and outgoing laundry items
  • Scheduling maintenance activities of cleaning equipments.
  • Quality indicators provided for cleanliness.
  • Real time updates of cleaning orders from various departments.
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