In-patient Admission Transfer Discharge

Electra HMIS offers another integral module on ADT or In-patient Admission Transfer Discharge. This module takes care of admission, discharge and the transfer process of a patient seamlessly. This module enables the search on availability and manages the allocation of a bed, ward and room to a patient according to availability or costs associated and thereby managing the transfers. It take care of appropriate discharge process is followed and also ensures a comprehensive discharge summary is generated at the end.

Features of In-Patient Admission Discharge Transfer module
  • Comprehensive form for collection of precise data regarding the patient.
  • Thorough evaluation of the patient condition.
  • Tools for accompanying the decision making process.
  • Recording the doctors and nursing notes for further management.
  • Processing orders in real time to the respective departments.
  • Managing the billing process.
  • Managing the payments done by third parties.
  • Bed and ward allocation and transfer.
  • E-prescribing of the medications.
  • Final billing and settlements.
  • Clinical Packages management.
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