Management Information System (MIS)

Our typical management Information System (MIS) module offers information related to the performance of different departments of hospitals. It also provides accurate reports to the management unit to analyze the effectiveness of numerous functions performed within an organization.

Offered system is just like the statistical tool used to optimize data and supports entire decision making process of the management. Additionally, this module provides the facility of importing the data into variegated formats for further manipulation. Thus, the system provided with our hospital information system gives a Hawk Eye visualization of the overall effectiveness on behalf of the Healthcare Organization.

Some major features of Management Information System (MIS) module
  • Powerful report generating tools
  • Statistical tools for effective visualization of data
  • Can be easily customized as per stated management's needs
  • Department wise information arrangement
  • More than 300 report formats are available
  • Information can be easily exported into different formats such as PDF, MS excel, MS Word, etc
  • Appropriate categorization of revenue w.r.t counter, department, type of payment, etc.
  • Altogether, our MIS makes a firm DSS in order to assist the management in taking decisions.
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