Fleet Leasing (MFL) System

MatriX FOR RetaiL Chain Management

As an emerging fleet management consultant, ACG Infotech Limited has utilized its expertise to create the Matrix Fleet Leasing (MFL) System application. Designed as a web-based system, fleet management software is built specifically for fleet management companies. The MFL covers the entire gamut of fleet operations; comprehensively managing the entire life cycle of a fleet leasing contract.

Typically, the fleet leasing life cycle begins with the issuance of a fleet card and ends when the vehicle is taken off road. Among other things, the MFL comes equipped with fuel purchase management, maintenance work management, accident management, license management, Duty-slip Administration, exceptions reporting and customer billing capabilities.

Through the fleet management software System, fleet-leasing services can be administered either as value-added services that complement the lease life cycle or as separate, stand-alone product offerings, independent of leasing. It follows, therefore, that the Matrix Fleet leasing system can be deployed as a component suite of lease and asset management software solutions or as an independent system.

The Fleet Leasing system is Web-based transport management software, geared towards fleet management companies and lessors. The system manages the entire fleet leasing contract life cycle, beginning when the vehicle is put on road and ending when it is taken off the road.

The vehicle management software Fleet system can be deployed as a fully integrated piece of lease and asset management solutions. Alternatively, if so desired, the fleet system can be deployed independently as a stand-alone system as a fleet management software, it allows fleet management companies and lessors to offer a wide range of services, including: