Operation Theatre Management

Operation Room or Theater module offers an optimum usage and tracks all surgeries that can take place in the hospital. Right from scheduling the operation, managing the surgery team, recording the surgery details to checklists associated with a surgery. It manages in advance and prepares for a surgery or operation by keeping the records of all items required during the operation. It also enables an electronic consent of the patient or the relatives. It also maintains the data on preoperative and postoperative conditions of the patient. Electra HMIS is equipped with CPT codes for all the procedures carried out in Operation Theatre or OT.

Features of the Operation Theater module
  • Accurate scheduling of the operations with flexibility in managing bookings.
  • Comprehensive checklists for monitoring the patients.
  • Detailed preoperative assessment.
  • Multilingual consent forms.
  • Inventory and stock management of the OT.
  • Sterilization schedules, checks and audits.
  • Anesthesia details monitoring and recording.
  • Provision for interface with the monitoring devices.
  • Alerts on abnormal readings.
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