Quality Assurance and Monitoring

This module is used to monitor and control the quality of care provided to the patients. It is used to manage the infection control practices. It is used to record the number of incidences that exploit the healthcare quality and helps to employ methods to control such incidences. It helps in deploying methods to improve the quality of care provided to the patients. It helps in setting up the policies and procedures to check the quality of processes in the hospital.

Features of the Quality Assurance Module
  • Statistic of total hours that the nurse has spent with the patient, with procedures been made containing the nursing and medical diagnosis of the patient.
  • Provide diagnostic control on reducing operational errors and minimize incident (needle stick injury, drug error etc.)
  • Infection Control (Nursing Services)
  • Ability to record extra clinical details against a patient record for infection control purpose like (HEP: A, B, C, HIV and other infectious diseases.
  • Ability to access user defined patient data from Patient Administration data items.
  • Ability to receive automatic notification of certain specific hospital defined organisms growing from culture.
  • Facilities to access patient clinical data date of operation. etc.
  • Ability to access date of admission and discharge of selective Patients.
  • Ability to gather statistics according to international standards for infection control.
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