Radiology Information System

Electra HMIS is a modern software and best around when it comes to dealing with Imaging. It offers to capturing images directly from Radiology Machines and converts them in JPG images for the purpose of displaying and storing them into Computer systems or networked Server. It them integrates medical imaging results into the complete clinical data flow of a patient from registration to final billing. The Images thus stored in the system can be labeled and printed using a standard PC and a normal printer. The Images can also be sent in electronic format by e-mail for action or consultation or published on a website for various purposes. This in fact saves on time and cost on manual report.

Features of Radiology Information System Module
  • Provision to club radiology images with the EMR of the patient.
  • Provision for advance booking of the Diagnostic equipment.
  • Real time communication of results to clinicians.
  • Clinical decision support tools at the point of care.
  • Predefined report formats for various tests.
  • Provision to send images via E-mail to other hospitals and/or patients.
  • Charts for monitoring patients of Nuclear Medicine.
  • Indicators to highlight abnormal findings.
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