Telemedicine Compatibility

Telemedicine is a field of healthcare IT which deals with the communication of health related information of a patient between two or more remote healthcare entities. This health related information of a patient may be communicated in the form of online video chatting, simple text messages, digital or DICOM images, audiovisual films or any other digital form of data. To send and receive such information to and from remote systems via the internet or satellite communications, telemedicine compatibility becomes highly essential. Our systems are fully compatible for such communications used in Healthcare.

Features of Telemedicine compatibility
  • Ability to provide unique Identification numbers to the patients.
  • Ability to make appointments over the telemedicine network.
  • Ability to have voice and video connectivity.
  • Provision to attach the medical data transmitted to be part of the patient EMR.
  • Ability for the remote doctor (client) to access patient's EMR.
  • Storage of information of all the interactions within the network.
  • Provision to use the telemedicine network to possibly support tele-education.
  • Comprehensive GUI to create, retrieve and update a patient's Information.
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