ACGIL's Cloud ERP Solutions for Distribution Industry

Software applications offered by ACGIL are the robust SaaS solutions that enables distributors to cut overall cost, improve process efficiency and drive revenues. ACG Infotech provides to its customers the advanced enterprise solutions to manage all supply chain activities from start to end process.

Suppose, if your business is only carrying out the distribution activities then the software you choose should also be made for the verticals as yours. It should be reliable, flexible, streamlined and also developed in the way what customers expect.

ACG Infotech Delivers the Best Cloud ERP to the Distributors:

ACGIL bring for the distribution verticals the highly demanding application called ERP for distribution. It streamlines, accelerates and automates the complex supply chain activities along with determining business success. Through this implemented SaaS, users can easily optimize the functional areas of purchasing, inventory planning & supplier management with the proper control over warehouse optimization, returns policies and appropriate demand management.

How offered software manages enterprises operations?

ERP on Cloud developed to scale and control activities inline with the sales, marketing and process execution capabilities. Company develop business applications with the aim of providing business control and excellent operational efficiency at each step of sales, marketing and logistics. Also, we provide these applications with different deployment models including on-cloud and on-premise implementation.

Further, if user choose our SaaS suitable and deployed it at their end, they can easily optimize their other core functional areas more closely and quickly then before.

ACGIL offers the software of your choice incorporating following scalability features & functionalities:

Scale entire market: By utilizing feature rich ERP solutions for distribution, one can achieve constant market development along with maintaining cultural diversity and business regulations. This system has capacity to undertake all the market activities keeping track with internal enterprise activities.

Scale efficiency of business: Offered application secure large volume of data and provide increased transactions to the business which in turn ensures improved business efficiency.

Scale execution process: The software provide a role based, dynamic and user friendly design that helps users in handling volume of data regarding execution of different processes. It has another functionality through which it integrates all the web pages and applications to improve user access and speed in execution.

Scale your marketing and sales perspectives: It is such supply chain management software solution which is well recognized and best-in-class SaaS applicable for all sized enterprises. It is available for the customers with scalable platform, mobile responsiveness and social media integration which automatically results in sales enhancement.

Ensures scalability in process control: Provided system is considered as the performance improvement tool which offers real time monitoring & integrated planning for proper process control.

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