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IIM Lucknow Enterprise Incubation Centre (IIML EIC) onboarded Dr Arun Gupta, CEO, ACG Infotech Limited, as a Mentor to become a part of & contribute in the nation building activity. Dr Gupta would be assisting/helping all startups at IIML on technology front.

The Important Roles of Information Technology in Environment

As an endeavour to explore new unexplored areas, ACG Infotech Limited (ACGIL) is trying hard to get some forays into environment related areas where Sewage, Waste and air pollution etc. should be addressed with help of Information Technology. As a result of its efforts in persuading various entrepreneurs to adopt IT for their business entities, ACGIL was shortlisted by M/s Mijo Auto Gas Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

ACG Infotech Limited Enters Middle East

Though it is much late as compared to many other IT companies entered this lucrative market of Middle East, but entry with Intertec Group WLL, Doha, Qatar, cannot come at more opportune time. After spending considerable efforts, time and money with BIG names of IT fraternity unsuccessfully, Intertec finally ties up with ACG Infotech Limited (ACGIL) for a huge ERP solution and an efforts to cover trading, interior decoration, telecommunication, food items...

Hospital Management System (HMS) or Hospital Information System (HIS) in Rural India

Rural hospitals sounds a good concept but actually their condition across India is critically bad. They are vulnerable as they form a very large part of our national healthcare delivery system in absence of infrastructure and shortage of trained manpower. As a result people from rural area are rushing to cities nearby as they don’t get any support locally. Faced with unique circumstances, characteristics, and challenges of rural situation...

ACG Infotech Limited Makes Forays into Renewal Energy Sector

Information Technology changed the world and the way we do things, the way we get information and interact with our peers. Disappointingly, it made a little impact on energy management. We should be surprised to see a great change or revolution that will happen, especially, in Demand Response to utilities and grid operators. This will change in a big way. It is an opportunity for IT companies. There is hardly any competition across India...