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ACG Infotech Limited Makes Forays into Renewal Energy Sector

ACG Infotech Limited Makes Forays into Renewal Energy Sector(Renewal Energy, the Sector Information Technology Forgot)

Information Technology changed the world and the way we do things, the way we get information and interact with our peers. Disappointingly, it made a little impact on energy management. We should be surprised to see a great change or revolution that will happen, especially, in Demand Response to utilities and grid operators. This will change in a big way. It is an opportunity for IT companies. There is hardly any competition across India.

One such initiative taken up by ACG Infotech Limited to associate with M/s Greenko Energy Projects Pvt. Ltd. in Hyderabad and implemented its ERP software starting successfully with Kurnool Solar Plant (1000 MW, largest in India). The extent of using IT has gone even to include Mobile phones where stake holders are managing purchases worth several million US dollars every day. Acquired SunEdison’s Indian portfolio, Hyderabad-headquartered Greenko Energy Holdings, the hottest Indian green energy companies among global investors, has piped UK private equity Actis-backed renewable platform Ostro Energy to strike the deal after months of negotiations. This indicates and promises the Acchhe Din (Good days) for several Indian IT companies in this sector.

ACG Infotech Limited (ACGIL) has already taken initiative and started with implementation of Mx-ERP, one of its flagship products and maintained post sale support with complete satisfaction of with M/s Greenko Energy Projects Pvt. Ltd. Dr. M.M Rao, Purchase Head and Mr. Nagendra Dandamudi, Executive Vice President have already appreciated ACGIL several times. They have been requested to issue us some testimonials.

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