Payroll Management System

ACG`s Payroll is powerful, yet easy-to-use. It makes payroll processing a simple job that any company can accomplish in-house. Why depend on outside services to get your company payroll work done right? Our payroll software gives you all the information and options you need to process your own payroll in-house and save money.Accommodates any combination of incomes, deductions, taxes, benefits, and vacation, as well as hundreds of reports, including many user defined reports. Also accommodates multiple companies, each with unique setup information. Among the outstanding benefits of ACG`s Payroll is its ease-of-use and ease of implementation. Extensive help text and documentation is only a mouse click away. Finding answers to your questions is quick and easy due to the in-depth help text. Our users tell us that they have been able to implement our system in a fraction of the time and cost of previous payroll products they have used or evaluated. Ease of implementation is due to the extensive features and reports, as well as having our team of ACG`s Payroll experts there to train, implement, convert, and support you during and after your initial installation. ACG`s Payroll software system can be implemented as a stand-alone module or integrated to ACG`s Human Resources (HR), ACG`s Time & Attendance and/or ACG`s Applicant Tracking. The integration with our HR system ensures that your payroll and HR departments will always be working with up-to-date employee information since employee data changes in either module dynamically update the other.

  • Save the time and frustration of working with payroll modules that are less than intuitive and flexible.
  • Manage your payroll productivity with the many reports our products provide.
  • For accountants and payroll service providers, increase the number of clients you service by working more efficiently.
  • Can enter Multi company data.
  • Multiple checks per employee.
  • Shift differentials.
  • Multiple security levels.
  • Multiple general ledger interfaces available
  • Debit and credit accounts tracked.
  • Payroll Deductions.
  • Year-to-date earnings.
  • Workers compensation.
  • Turnover analysis .
  • Benefit statements
  • Employee check history

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