ERP for Distribution Industry

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is referred as a great way of simply organizing a large number of processes into a systematic application. In today's modern era, every organization wants to achieve flawlessness in running activities and for that it always require a well structured system to integrate all operational activities.

A never ending life cycle of products sourcing by regularly connecting to the new suppliers has become a headache for the distributors. Almost each ERP software has distribution handling functionality but they are not robust enough to administer all distribution channels efficiently. Choosing the right ERP for distribution overcome the above problems by effectively managing, planning, and shipping the consignment without any hassle.

Distribution ERP Software

With the intention to optimally maintain inventory, ensure fast movement of goods along with offering sound customer relationship management, ACGIL proudly introduce a highly powerful distribution ERP software that organize entire administration of the firm. It has sophisticated structure that offers proper and standard end-to-end supply chain management. Preferred ERP is adequately developed keeping in mind the requirements of customer relationship management, in-depth management of supply chain and excellent warehouse management.

Main objectives of distribution ERP are:

Clients get facilitated by having web-based as well as cloud hosted solutions considered best for domestic & international and also for single & multi-site operational environment. ERP for distribution management is a real-time yet easy to use application, subjected to handle entire centralized database corresponding to sales, purchase and inventory operations.

Key benefits of offered ERP system:

The Core of Proposed MX-ERP

Sales Management

Supply Chain Management

Material Management

Generics Management

Application Administration

Key modules of the application